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Outside of church

We welcome you as you come into downtown Cedarburg via Western Avenue as we are on the corner of Washington and Western. Our doors and hearts are always open to visitors and new members.

Front of Sanctuary

Our classic-style sanctuary has been updated to be handicap accessible so all might enjoy equal access to worship.  All are welcome!


We welcome you to enjoy a contemporary service led by our praise band, Aternative Fuel.  This service is in a more relaxed style with power point projection and featuring current praise songs.  This is our 10:30am. service, or on alternating weekends during the summer.  All are wlcome to come and join us!!


We offer many styles of worship!  Our traditional service at 8:00a.m., or on alternating weekends during the summer, features hymns accompanied by our beautiful organ. We welcome you to come and sing along!!

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People of God's Grace, Building on the Past, Growing in the Present, Planning for the Future - in Jesus Christ.

Services begin at 8:00 and 10:30 AM every  Sunday. Join us!


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Altar Guild - Coordinator: Linda Spatt

Each member signs up for the Sunday(s) and service time (8:00 or 10:30) that works for them.  The schedule is made out for three months in advance.

The two responsibilities before a church service are placing all items needed for the communion service on the altar and lighting the altar candles.  After the church service, we extinguish the candles and either prepare the altar for the next service or wash and store all items used.

Time involved:  approximately 10 minutes before and after the church service.  We meet as a group about once a year.

Everyone is welcome to serve with us – women, men and families.


Assisting Minister - Coordinator: Lori Polzin

You assist the Pastor during the traditional worship service, get the schedule of the service from the Pastor prior to the worship service, review the bulletin for any changes and discuss announcements.

Prior to becoming an assisting minister, time is spent with the Pastor going over the role of the assistant.  Qualifications include familiarity with Lutheran worship and doctrine, and good speaking ability.

Time involved:  Length of the weekly traditional worship service.


Communion Assistants - Coordinator: Gail Harvancik

Communion assistants are scheduled to assist the Pastor with communion at each service.  Usually, there are two assistants - one for the drinking cup of wine and one for the intinction or dipping cup. Adults and youth in confirmation class or older may volunteer to assist with communion. Pastor will provide instruction as needed for volunteers.


Hospitality - Coordinator: Lisa Quick

People are scheduled to collect sheets from the “Friendship” pads in the pews each Sunday – periodically replacing pages in the pads.  We visit and/or send a card to visitors who have signed the friendship pad, welcoming them and inviting them to continue worshipping with us.  We also try to make eye contact with new faces and speak with them after the service.


Lectors - Coordinator:  Gail Harvancik

Lectors read the lessons each Sunday during the services. One lector is scheduled for each service and the lessons are sent out prior to the service. Some additional time may be needed to review and practice the readings prior to Sunday’s services. All adults and youth are welcome to be lectors.


Ushers - Coordinator:  Jim Muck

Ushers serve many functions in a church service. They are at the door welcoming us, to hand out bulletins, and to give directions as needed.  They gather the offering and present it to the minister at the altar.  They provide direction and assistance during the communion service.  Men and women, adult and youth can all serve as an usher.  There are no meetings.  Training is done “on the job.”  Ushers are asked to arrive 5-10 minutes before the service begins.


Knitting Ministry - Leaders:  Dorothy Holtz, Joyce Lueder

Knitters are needed for many projects.

Prayer Shawls: To be given to someone who needs to be wrapped in God’s love and the comfort of community.

Baby Sweaters: To be included in the layettes for Lutheran World Relief.

Scarves, Mittens, and Hats collected on the Mitten Tree at Christmas, then given to Family Sharing and our sister churches.

You do not need to be an experienced knitter.  Dorothy and Joyce are willing to organize classes or give one-on-one instruction for those who are learning or need a refresher course.

These projects can also be done by crocheting.

The pattern for the Prayer Shawls come with both knitting and crocheting instructions.  Use your own patterns for the other projects.

Mission Trips - Coordinator:  Sheri Hoerchner

The mission of Immanuel extends beyond our local community to national and world wide involvement.  The congregation supports and encourages members that become involved in a mission trip.

In June, 2009 Lindsey Gall and Marie Hoerchner traveled with a group to Tanzania.  They stayed near a clinic where they did maintenance, building projects and were involved in church services and schools.

In October, 2009 nine adults traveled to Mississippi to be part of the ongoing Katrina rebuild.  Four years post Katrina the need for housing remains very great.

These can be amazing life-changing trips.  In future years, opportunities will be there for interested and committed individuals.


Quilting Ministry - Coordinator:  Gerry Juedes

Providing quilts to people around the world. A Lutheran World Relief quilt is special.  It brings warmth on a cold night, shelter from the sun on a hot day.  It becomes a bed, a room divider, a backpack to carry belongings, and at times even a home.

The Immanuel quilters average 175 quilts per year for Lutheran World Relief.  We meet from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every third Monday and Tuesday of the month from September through May.  No experience is needed.  Just bring a scissors and a bag lunch and join us for one day or two or every month.


Fellowship F.U.N. Group (Friends Unite Now) - Coordinator:  Cindy Larson

The IMMANUEL F.U.N. Group has a variety of functions.  We organize fellowship opportunities, hold fund raising projects, and are active in helping with congregational events.  Our group is open to the congregation from confirmation on up. Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m.  One does not have to attend meetings to attend activities.  Everyone is welcome!

Annual activities are a fish fry, pig roast, serve the Young at Heart Dinner, white elephant party, wine and cheese party, sheepshead party, and a German dinner.

Fund raising events are parking for the Cedarburg festivals.  Money raised has been used for repairs or other needs in the church, for the Food Pantry, and to defray costs of IMMANUEL F.U.N. activities so they are affordable for everyone.


Outreach Committee - Coordinators:  Tom Anderson & Gail Andree-Kjell

The Outreach Committee focuses on concerns outside of our immediate congregation.  We are involved on the local level with Family Sharing, Ozaukee family services, the Adult Literacy Center, and Habitat for Humanity.  We also work with our partner churches, Florist Avenue and Incarnation.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month from 6-7 p.m. at the church.  We welcome new members and new ideas.


Building & Grounds Committee - Coordinator:  Gary Harvancik

The focus of the Building and Grounds Committee is of maintaining our churchs' building and grounds.  The members of this committee are the handy men/women who maintain the landscaping, make minor repairs, and monitor the building systems (i.e.: furnace, roofing, air conditioning, and electrical systems).  The committee is also involved with the contracting of workmen when systems require updating or repair.  Immanuel provides us with the spiritual.  Help us provide Immanuel with the physical.


Funeral Committee - Coordinators:  Linda Spatt

The Funeral Committee provides support to bereaved families through the serving of meals and/or refreshments. Volunteers offer to do one or more of the following: Bring desserts, setup the tables and chairs, serve the food, or clean up.


Media & Technology Committee - Coordinator:  Ray Jacques

A group of individuals who together: manage our website, manage our e-mail lists at our domain, arrange press releases as requested, arrange the use of technology for communicating among church members, including using computers, e-mail, digital photos, and movies.

We do not have regular meetings; rather, we meet as needed based on the task at hand.  We are always happy to have others join us in our goal to achieve the best use of technology in all its forms to improve our church’s goals.


Dartball - Captain:  Mark Haas

A dartball team consists of nine players on a team.  Dartball is played on a 4'x4' piece of plywood.  Metal tipped darts with a wooden shaft and feathers are used.  Range of shooting is underhand.  Shooting distance is 18 feet 6 inches.

There are currently 12 churches from Ozaukee and Washington Counties that form a league called Wazuakee Dartball League.  Dartball is played on Monday nights from September through February.

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